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I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Homer by a mediation lawyer that my ex wife and I used to try and settle without getting lawyers involved. Homer is a no nonsense, very professional and very experienced marital law trial lawyer who will stay on top of your case from day one. He also responded to all of my email inquiries within a few hours and did a great job negotiating a complex financial settlement during mediation. And on top of all that, his pricing was reasonable, especially when you consider the amount of knowledge and experience he brings to the table. I would not hesitate to recommend Homer to any of my friends or family members.

Posted by Jim C. October 2020


there probably is not enough space for all my review notes about Homer Bliss.  He has been our go to attorney for family matters for the last 30+ years and although we hope we don’t need his help again, should we have any family matters that arise in the future we will again go to him for out attorney.  He is well worth whatever the cost may be!
Back in the 80’s, my husbands crazy EX wife decided she was going to not only get her child support, but was also going to get state assistance from the State of Mississippi.  Mind you child support records were here in Florida, it was taken straight out of the husbands paychecks, as well as he always kept health insurance on his two children.  The EX told the State of Mississippi she got nothing from my husband, therefore, she was able to get an apartment for $27 monthly, assistance with her bills, and medical cards for the children.  The State of Mississippi then came after my husband for all of that.  We hired Homer to handle all of this for us and within a few weeks, my husband was cleared and the State of Mississippi was going after the EX!  YAY!!!!!
Our next time with Homer was when our son had a baby with a girl.  After a time period of being together, (not married), She thought she was going to just take that child and not let any of this family see the child including our son.  We once again went to Homer to represent our son.  Needless to say, in time, our son had all of his rights and visitation as he wanted!
Our most recent time with Homer has been in the last  months.  Another one of our sons had a baby with a girl.  Again, they too were not married or together any longer.  Our son paid his support for this child even though the child was for the most part kept away from him for the first years of her life by the mother and her mother (grandmother).  In May, the mother lost her life due to a terrible accident.  The grandmother tried to take over the child that was our sons.  We again went to Homer to represent our son and get his daughter for him.  In less than a month, our grand-daughter was in the custody of our son, living in our home and doing well.  He went further in steps to also change the child’s last name to be the same as her daddy.
All I can say in finishing this review is as long as we are living and Homer is an attorney, we WILL have him represent this entire family in whatever he can.  He has never disappointed us in the 30+ years of service we have needed him.  Some may say his retainer fees are very high!!!  We say “YOU GET HAT YOU PAY FOR!”  He does the job he tells you he will. He is straight up with you when he tells you something.  He has an amazing staff that are as helpful as he is.  I can go on and on and on but simply said……..HOMER YOU ROCK!!!!!

Posted by Rita P.. on September 12, 2019 

5.0 Stars
I was getting killed in my divorce. All I wanted was a fair and even split of assets. The attorney I had was getting bullied by a high powered law firm. A friend told me that he felt Homer was deeply respected by the Jacksonville area legal community and my best bet. Switching attorneys to Homer calmed the entire situation down and leveled the playing field. My Ex and her firm were trying to make this as expensive and complicated as they could to wear me down and force a concession. Under Homer’s guidance I was able to weather this legal assault and improve my position by at least $50,000 and do so with a superb cost regarding legal fees. If you feel you are outgunned or over matched Homer is your attorney!
Posted by Casey T. on January 9, 2017 

Mr. Bliss is a no nonsense lawyer who is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is and works hard for his clients.I was very impressed with his organization, honesty, and preparedness through my entire divorce process. I highly recommend Mr.Bliss if you are in need of legal representation. You will be happy with your decision.
Posted by Judith on August 9, 2016 

  I will always be grateful
I was extremely fortunate to have Homer recommended to me while searching for an attorney related to custody. I was unfortunate to have used several other prior. I know the difference between him and the rest. His knowledge and guidance were invaluable. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear only what I needed. Ultimately I won! I will always be grateful.
Posted by James C. on July 20, 2016 

 Great Attorney
5.0 Stars
Homer was a great attorney.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a family attorney.  I really appreciated all of the level headed advice Homer gave me.
This divorce was by far the most difficult thing I’ve had to go through and Homer kept me calm throughout the process.  Homer was able to keep my crazy ex from getting full custody of my children and I’m very grateful for that.
Posted by Johnathan P. on February 18, 2016 

He will be the only attorney I will ever call upon
If you’re in need of an attorney look no further! I’ve been using Mr. Bliss periodically for 5 years and he has helped me through custody issues, modifications to custody agreements, as well as other issues. He’s very quick to respond to emails and phone calls and has always been extremely professional. You definitely get what you pay for with him… He’s worth every penny! He will be the only attorney I will ever call upon when I need assistance.
Posted by Kristel V. on February 18, 2014 

First my Friend / Second my Attorney
5.0 Stars
I was recommended to Mr. Bliss by the father of a child I coached on my soccer team. I was ill, in the hospital, at the time; and had to go on his advice. It was the best advice I ever have taken. Homer got me through my first divorce in excellent stance, and we have been friends ever since. I would like to ‘pass forward’ the advice given to me; and suggest you use Mr. Bliss in any Family Legal Matters you might have. Sincerely, Allan
Posted by Allan on May 14, 2013

I endorse this lawyer.
Angela Swenson Divorce and separation Attorney on Oct 3, 2014
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

I endorse this lawyer.
Megan Shepard Family Attorney on Aug 18, 2014
Relationship: Other

I endorse this lawyer. Homer is very knowledgeable a zealous advocate for his clients.
Ronald Davis Divorce and separation Attorney on Jun 22, 2014
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer.
James Mason Alimony Attorney on Feb 19, 2013
Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer.
Michael Waddington Military law Attorney on Oct 11, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mr. Bliss is well informed in the law and how the court system works in Duval County.
He is a strong advocate for his clients but also a colleague willing to share and mentor younger, less experienced attorneys. I have referred clients to him when necessary and do so with confidence.
Diane Paull Family Attorney on Oct 2, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

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